Special Quote from the Book – Part IV

Published December 9, 2016

Reelfoot Killins’ | Joe G. Riley

Special Quote from the Book – Part IV:

When the jury cleared the courtroom, Willis apologized to the court for my behavior and assured the judge it would not happen again. I didn’t really give a shit at that point. I wasn’t ashamed of a damn thing.

Judge Gordon then glared at me and said, “Mr. Baskin, this trial is not over. The jury will determine tomorrow whether you will or will not be sentenced to death. Your outbursts will anger the jury, are contrary to your best interests, and will not be tolerated by the court. Should you do that again, you will be immediately removed from the courtroom. You will not be able to be present during the remainder of the trial except to give testimony. Do I make myself clear to you, sir?”

I could not have cared less. I stared at the judge. I wasn’t scared of him or anybody else. “I got it, Big Judge. But this is a farce. But I’ll let you and this so-called jury of my peers do to me whatever they want. I can always appeal, you know.”