Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “THE KIDNAPPINS’”

Published December 24, 2016

Reelfoot Killins’ | Joe G. Riley

Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “THE KIDNAPPINS’”:

Lake County, Tennessee

Elaine Bronson, a forty-five-year-old, white, blonde-haired divorcèe, slept peacefully on the fateful Sunday morning. She resided in a luxurious home on Reelfoot Lake near Tiptonville, Lake County, Tennessee, approximately 100 miles north of Memphis. Bronson had a successful real estate business, selling nearby Reelfoot Lake properties, and was well-respected in the county.

Bronson had moved to Lake County from Florida fifteen years earlier. She was then, and remained, a very attractive lady. According to Bronson herself, she had sold real estate in the Gulf area of northern Florida and was divorced with no children. She had heard about Reelfoot and the opportunities it offered for the real estate market. Even though she had no relatives in the area, she had seized upon the opportunity. She was very personable and had quickly made friends in the small rural area. She had dated various men in the area but had never remarried.