Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “THE KILLINS’”

Published December 27, 2016

Reelfoot Killins’ | Joe G. Riley

Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “THE KILLINS’”:

Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

The masked assailants herded the victims from the truck to the gravel parking lot and down onto the pier. Bronson was barefoot and still wearing only her nightgown; Traborn was attired in his street clothes. The kidnappers did not wrap either victim in outer wear, thus forcing them to endure the cold temperatures. The blood streamed down the faces of the victims, which neither could wipe away because of their taped hands.

Upon their arrival at the fifth boat slip on the right, a seventeen-foot Monarch duck hunting boat awaited them. Each victim was shoved and kicked into the front section of the boat. The short, burly kidnapper got behind the steering wheel, and the tall one sat behind the two victims, who were on the front floor of the boat. The short man easily got the four-stroke motor started, and it hummed with a low purring sound. On that particular night, it was heard by no one other than the boat occupants.

The short kidnapper backed the boat out of the slip over a skim of ice and approached the main body of the lake. The deeper part of the lake in front of the boat dock had not yet frozen. There was a full moon with cloudless skies, and the short man had no trouble navigating the boat without the aid of a spotlight. The destination had been pre-determined as the southern point of Willow Bar. Willow Bar, clearly visible from the southern shore of Reelfoot, was a short distance from the boat dock and had no frozen water in its path.