Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “THE AFTERMATH”

Published January 2, 2017

Reelfoot Killins’ | Joe G. Riley

Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “THE AFTERMATH”:

Lake and Obion Counties, Tennessee

After departing the Sunset Court boat ramp, the sheriff of Lake County determined through one of Bronson’s friends that her next of kin were two nieces who resided in the Destin area of Florida. The friend was able to provide their names but was unaware of their addresses. The sheriff was able to find their addresses and phone numbers through an Internet search. He called each and notified them of their aunt’s murder. The last-known relative of Traborn was his aunt, who was deceased.

Law enforcement officers from the Lake and Obion County sheriffs’ offices met at 1:00 p.m. in a private dining section of Boyette’s Dining Room, one of Reelfoot’s well-known restaurants. They were aware that the Lake/Obion county line crossed very near the southern end of Willow Bar. The officers determined that the Lake County Sheriff’s Office would take the lead, since the apparent kidnappings had been in Lake County, and it appeared the murders had been committed on the Lake County portion of Willow Bar. The law enforcement officers had no leads. Both victims were well-known by officers with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. The officers speculated whether the kidnappings/murders were random, with no real motive other than a cruel, sadistic one. That seemed highly unlikely based upon their experience, but they had no apparent motive at that time.