Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “THE ANONYMOUS TIP”

Published January 5, 2017

Reelfoot Killins’ | Joe G. Riley

Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “THE ANONYMOUS TIP”:

The first break in the case came from an anonymous call to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. The call came in at about 8:00 a.m. on February 1, just prior to the scheduled meeting of the law enforcement officers. The informant stated that he had seen a driver and passenger drive into Haverly’s Boat Dock after midnight on January 30. The informant was unable to see the faces of the two men. The most significant information was that they were in a green pickup truck. The tipster never requested any reward information, did not give his name, and never called back.

Lake County Sheriff Conway Hudgins and Agent Rivkin had been working around the clock since the murders. The thirty-five-year-old Hudgins was the first African-American sheriff to be elected in that small rural county. No sheriff can make everybody happy, but he had earned a reputation of honesty and hard work among most county residents.

The dispatcher immediately notified Sheriff Hudgins and Agent Rivkin of the anonymous call. Sheriff Hudgins then called Obion County Sheriff Barkley, since Haverly’s Boat Dock was on the Obion County side of the lake. Barkley contacted Sam Haverly, the owner of the dock, who agreed to meet at his dock at 10:00 a. m. The sheriff knew Haverly and did not tell Haverly the reason for the meeting. He did ask Haverly, however, not to tell anyone about the meeting. Haverly agreed and kept his word.